Forgive.  Even at the sight of the word, we get in our feelings.  I don’t have to forgive.  They need to <insert dramatic expectation here>.  I get it.  I’m not judging.  Realistically though – How is your resistance to forgiving preventing your being?

There are MANY reasons why practicing forgiveness can be healthy, I want to highlight one.  We carry burdens in our spirit – sometimes giving us the sense of an emotional heaviness.  These add up constantly from emotional tensions – work, family, friendships, self.  Every time we experience a sense of wrongdoing (actual, rational or not), we add it to the ongoing processing our minds and hearts are tasked with.  Ultimately, our spirits carry the weight of unforgiveness.  That weight restricts our freedom and clarity, it limits our capacity to be aware of other …. more important things.

What if you came to Christmas dinner without the intentional memory of what your Aunt said to you last year?  If you have chosen not to address the conflict, let the burden go.  Unburden your spirit.  Forgive.  They may not have earned or deserve it.  Your peace matters more

Create in me a clean heart, O God. 

Renew a steadfast spirit within me.

  -Psalm 51:10

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