Assumptions. They been making asses out of us for decades. Just like generalizations and stereotypes, they are bad habits that are also natural habits. Assumptions happen because there is a gap in what we know. We attempt to fill in the gap with information that may or may not be right- trying to get as close as we can. We’re wrong sometimes. Nevertheless, our brains will keep drawing us toward making assumptions. 

We assume he didn’t call because we aren’t important enough. We assume she didn’t give us what we wanted because she was being selfish. 

So what if we use this habit for good. We’re gonna make assumptions. What if we used our assumptions to fill in the gap with the hopeful option, not the doubtful one? Folk can be mean or selfish or spiteful…. sometimes. We don’t have to assume that’s their normal state. And our interpretations of their behaviors doesn’t have to reflect those assumptions. What if we assumed folk are doing the best they can? What if you assumed she is using every good vibe she has right now? Might patience outlast intolerance? Could understanding overcome anger? Would your spirit be spared unnecessary harm?

Try assuming the best and not the worst, the most and not the least, the hope and not the fear. It’ll keep you rooted and reaching, not deserted and unsatisfied. 

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