click or unclick when needed

Just this morning I ordered groceries, put money on my kids lunch account, facilitated a spiritual direction session and participated in my daily devotional – all from my phone.    We can literally do AN.Y.THING. from our phones.  And it’s great – there’s convenience, efficiency and connection that is enabled with the quality of technology we can access.

So today’s hope is specific.  My goal is not to encourage you to use your phone less… an invitation to disconnect.  That’s not always the right answer and I frankly get tired of that refrain.  My hope is to invite us to a deeper recognition of needs and the most appropriate source.  Sometimes the right app and a few clicks is exactly what we need.  But what DO you need?  And what is the best way to access it?

If you need to feel energy through your body, bang your fav through your music app.

If you need to connect with your people, send a group text and an emoji.

If your to-do list is crazy-making, you know….

Check-in with your needs.  Listen to your spirit.  What do you need to satisfy your soul?  Identify what options you have to meet them.  

When you need to quiet the other voices, does it help if you shut down your newsfeed?

When you feel uprooted, will a podcast or a walk re-root you?

There may be an app for lonely or overwhelmed or stressed.  Click away!  There is not an app for a deep cleansing breath.  Tap into your spirit, when needed.  Slow down, listen to your spirit, stay grounded by knowing when a click helps and when it takes you from the peace of any moment.

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