dose #1: presence

Saturdays are our time to capture a quick dose of vitamin g to stay grounded.  The health of your spirit matters in the flurry of the holidays.

Being grounded can literally mean your feet, and ultimately your whole body, knowing where they are.  We can often be moving so fast that our awareness of where we are is cloudy.  We are thinking about where we need to be, still processing the conversation from where we just came from.  Awareness of our actual location is lost.


Presence is a gift that lets you integrate your mind and your body – helping them be in the same place.  Being present helps you increase your awareness and ability to manage self in your current surroundings.  Create (other) specific spaces in your day to process past events and to imagine future ones.  It frees you to check in with where you literally are.  Try these things:

  • Pay attention to your breathing and your body.  Where are your feet planted?
  • Find a word that bears witness to your surroundings.  What are the gifts of where you find yourself?
  • Take note of where you sense God. How can you seek and be blessing in this place?

Be present to each moment, each experience, each connection.  When your body, mind and spirit can journey together, it’s easier to find the holy along the way.

2 Replies to “dose #1: presence”

  1. Thank you Shannon! I needed this today. This week is craziest with church activities that I need to help organize, and I’m feeling a little stressed about it all. Thanks for the reminder to be present exactly where I am 🙂


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