seeing seasons

In some ancient Eastern healing traditions, each season is associated with a color.  Everything is understood to be interconnected – the earth and seasons, our bodies and energies.  For Winter, the color is blue representing water.  Blue often leads us to feelings of calm and imagination, but also suspicion and sadness.  In Spring, traditions believe the color is green and connects us to the growth and energy in its associations.

The winter is the more dramatic season, causing us to undoubtedly recognize its presence.  Get caught in 32 degrees with your fall jacket and see what I mean.  Depending on its intensity, one must surrender to its nature.  Whether you accept these traditional Eastern meanings or not, we are reminded that winter and spring  are nevertheless two distinct seasons.  In colors and energies or simply temperatures and daylight – we are moving from one peculiar thing to another.

Do you recognize seasons of your soul?  For many of us, we run on autopilot and move from week to week and month to month and not recognizing the changes within us.  Do you see different seasons of your mood?  Do you feel your souls desire toward change?  A season is definitively known as a period of time marked by particular patterns.  There is a distinctive shift in these seasons and they happen without our permission.  Spring will certainly come.  Not being attentive means that change will happen and we will be forced to respond reactively.  How can you name what winter has been and what you anticipate spring to bring?  How might you prepare for growth and the shift into a new season?  

Winter reminds us of season.  Recognize that something new is coming

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