happy birthday, A Winter Tree!

A Winter Tree has made it around the sun, through all four seasons!

For one year, I have shared in the journey of spiritual direction with several women and have walked very holy ground.  I continue to be in awe of the steady work of God when we slow down and give our attention to it.

At the beginning of every spiritual direction session, I light a candle.  (I have counted 67 in this year.) Sometimes it is to celebrate the path we can see before us.  It has sometimes been to represent a fire that is consuming.  In each time, it is a reminder that somehow God is present with us along the way.

As a reminder to myself to seek the presence of God, I always pay attention to the trees around me.  My phone gallery is filled with trees from several countries, each season and many angles.  The picture above is my favorite of the last year.  Its not the most beautiful pic I found, but one that is still striking to me.  We were standing on a volcano site in Hilo, Hawaii.  There was dust and ash, cracks and gaping holes.  The ground was dry and still recovering from the trauma, but this tree that was emerging stood as a representation of life.  Through, after, in spite of, because of – it is choosing to grow.  It is not waiting for human permission and is not in compliance with all logic.  It has simply found Light and is reaching toward it.

Like this tree, I pray today that you find the Light in your life and grow in its direction.  May whatever ground you stand on be apart of your landscape, but not all you see.  May you sense your purpose and live into despite whatever realities seek to limit you.  May we continue journeys around the Light.


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